Action Jackson! Paris Jackson ‘Ready to wed’



The daughter of late Pop King Michael Jackson, Paris jackson Katherine Jackson reportedly wants to get married with her bandmate.Paris Jackson has been through quite a lot in her young life. But on the other hand, she’s also enjoyed prerogates and opportunities that most people can only dream of. We mention this not because we envy Paris her wealth and fame but because the latest news about the 20-year-old’s personal life. The fans concerned that her personal fortune may be in danger. Gabriel Glenn is a musician where Paris is a singer and a model. Paris allegedly looking to tie the knot with or without prenuptial aggrement. The 20 year old Paris and her Soundflowers bandmate Gabriel Glenn already talking marriage. The couple is desperately in love.

Action Jackson! Paris ‘Ready to wed’ Paris Jackson
Action Jackson! Paris ‘Ready to wed’Paris Jackson


Paris Jackson identity:

Jackson commented on her Instagram stories in July, that she thought “everyone knew” about her sexuality. After this comment, the whole thing came out publicly. She noted to ABC News that in the age of 14 she came out and always referred to the community as “my fellow LGBTQ+” on stage. Paris also spoke about having her crush on girls. She said when I was 8 years old I got crush on girls. The singer, model, and artist also clarified that she doesn’t identify with the label of bisexuality. Paris decorated her body with over 50 different tattoos.

Action Jackson! Paris ‘Ready to wed’ Paris Jackson
Action Jackson! Paris ‘Ready to wed’

Out of which, nine of them dedicated to her late father. She has a tattoo from the cover of Dangerous on her forearm, the Bad logo on her hand. Michael Jackson left a letter for her before his death. The words “Queen of My Heart” in her late father’s handwriting on her inner left wrist. Paris Jackson has two siblings, Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., and Prince Michael Jackson II.

Perspectives about Glenn:

The Jackson family wants Paris to sign a prenup to protect her “massive fortune. The whole family is very confused at this point.” the insider also remarked.“One second, she is a lesbian and dating Cara Delevingne. Apparently, the Jackson family is worried about the reputation of Glenn, whom they believe is using Jackson’s eldest child for her money. The clan just wants Jackson to be alert as she moves forward with the relationship. She and Gabriel have been in a strong relationship for several months and she feels a potent attraction with him. Rocker Michael Snoddy was ex-boyfriend of Pairs Jackson.







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