Celebrities who tied the knot in 2018 ( couple VIbes )


Robin Wright and Clement Giraudet :

The Actress Robin Wright tied the knot in early November with her two decades younger boyfriend Clement Giraudet. The couple got married in a private ceremony in La Roche-Sur-Le- Buis in Southern France. Robin’s daughter Dylan Penn posted a video on Instagram captioned “Weddin Vibes” confirming her mother’s second marriage. Wright wore a long white laced dress with a colorful headband. While Clement wore a white t-shirt with brown waist coat and brown sandals. About the wedding an inside source said “It was very intimate and low key. She wanted it to be about them, not a big production”.

Robin Wright and Clement Giraudet :
Robin Wright and Clement Giraudet :couple

Wright is a very well-known Hollywood actress. She has starred in many of the blockbuster movies in her career. She has also won a Golden Globe. Some of her famous movies are Forest Gump, Beowulf, The Princess Bride and Unbreakable. Other than the movies she also plays a character in television show. The character of “Carrie Underwood” in Netflix’s on-going television series ‘House of Cards’. She used to play supporting role in the series. Kevin Spacey was the leading actor in that series. Robin Wright is now doing the leading role in that series.

Robin Wright’s Previous Marriages:

This Robin Wright’s third marriage. From 1986 to 1988 she was married to Dane Witherspoon also an actor. In 1989 after Sean Penn divorced his wife Madonna he and Robin started dating. After a couple of years Robin gave birth to Sean Penn’s and her daughter Dylan Penn. In 1993 she gave birth to their second child Hopper Jack. Robin Wright changed her name to Robin Wright Penn in 1996 after she finally married to actor and director Sean Penn.

                          Celebrities who tied the knot in 2018 couple
Celebrities who tied the knot in 2018 couple

He was two time the Oscar Award winner. Robin Wright also removed ‘Penn’ from her name. Then in 2012 Robin Wright started dating another actor Ben Foster. In 2017 Robin started dating Clement Giraudet. They got engaged to him the same year and now in the last week of August they tied the knot. The age difference in the bride and groom has been the subject of controversy in Robin’s third marriage. Robin Wright is 52 years old and the groom is only 34 years old.  Just 4 years older than Robin’s daughter Dylan.

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