Your business is susceptible to liability every day of the year. Having Commercial Liability Insurance can protect your assets. The professional independent agents at B & G Insurance in Miami can assist you in providing coverage for your business – bodily injury, property damage, and/or liability claims. We offer a wide range of products, including general liability, property insurance, umbrella policies and commercial vehicle insurance.

We take the worry out of insurance. Protect your business and property with general liability and property insurance, it’s the smart way to protect your investment. Here at B & G Insurance we can assist you in finding the right amount of coverage; providing you with an option of products to help you keep your operation keep running and protected. Don’t wait until it’s to late; contact us today at 305-386-1006 for more information.

Before you get started: Online retailers are often easier to quote directly, so make sure you’ve given us your phone number when you apply. We’ll give you a quick call-back if there’s anything we need to check.


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