Justin Bieber is having an identity crises

Justin Bieber has been making headlines since his quick engagement and marriage with Hailey Baldwin. Those who are close to him thinks the singer is confused. He is struggling from a lot of things lately due to this marriage. Very recently one of the Justin’s fan uploaded a video. In which his eyes were wide and he was acting jittery. While some say that he was just acting silly in the video. The ones close to him are claiming that to be the proof of him struggling right now. His friends think that he is having a hard time. He is figuring out “what’s best for him at this time and who he is as a person”. An inside source told page six that” I think he has an ongoing identity crisis”.

Justin Bieber and Hailey’s Marriage:

This was a surprise for everyone even the ones that were close to both of them. In July out of nowhere Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin announced that they are engaged. Just as people were having hard time realizing their surprise engagement. Two months later TMZ reported that the couple were seen at the courthouse obtaining a marriage license. With this report the whole internet started the rumor that they got married in the courthouse.

Justin Bieber having an identity crisis after marrying Hailey Baldwin
Justin Bieber having an identity crisis after marrying Hailey Baldwin

TMZ reported that the eyewitness even heard Bieber say” I can’t wait to marry you, baby”. Justin’s mom the very next day tweeted “Love is unconditional”. While his mom’s tweet ignited more fire. Later on Hailey cleared the air by tweeting” I understand where the speculation is coming from, but I am not married yet!”. Some days later Justin was seen in the public and kept his left hand inside his pocket the whole time. So, the rumors started to float again. A few days later on EMMY’s red carpet Hailey’s Uncle Alec Baldwin told a reporter “They went off and got married, I don’t know what the deal is”. That news really confirmed that and then later on Justin’s manager even made it official. That the two got married in the court and are planning for a ceremony.

Bad news for SELENA fans:

Justin and Selena were in love for a long time, they lived together they dated they even made songs together. They broke up many times but they always got back together. Many of the Justin’s and Selena’s fans wanted them to get married and stay together. All of those fans were heartbroken with this news.


After his marriage was confirmed Justin talks about Selena. When asked about Selena said” I just want her to be happy, I love Selena. We’re friends still. Maybe we’ll come back together in the future, and then it ended up. Being so long and we just grew apart and we’re not the same people anymore.” This came as bad news for all of the fans who wanted to see them together.

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