The sexual assault allegations against Kevin Spacey

During an interview Anthony Rapp an american actor said that Kevin Spacey made sexual advance towards him.  It all happened in 1986 when Rapp was only 14 years old. Rapp claimed that Kevin laid on top of him at a party at Kevin’s apartment. He said that Kevin “was trying to seduce him”. In response to this allegation Kevin Spacey while not denying it said he has no memory of such an incident.

Kevin also said that if he indeed did do what Rapp claimed that he owes him the “sincerest apology” for “inappropriate” behavior through a tweet. But that’s not all what his tweet said. He also said that this story encourages him to address other things about his life. Also that he has been bisexual for years. Kevin said that he had been in relationship with both men and women. He then concluded that he has now chosen to live as a “gay man”.

The sexual assault allegations against Kevin Spacey

The sexual assault allegations against Kevin Spacey
Kevin Spacey


Scotland Yard Police Investigation:

Unfortunately, it didn’t just end there for the two-time Oscar winner. A few days later another actor Roberto Cavazos claimed that he had “a couple of nasty encounters” with Kevin. A month later another man claimed that he found Kevin lying on him when he woke up. At that time the man was just 17 at that time. Around 30 people have now accused Kevin Spacey for not only harassment but also Rape attempt. Scotland Yard Police launched an initial investigation back in November 2017.

In July 2018 the Scotland yard police confirmed that they were investigating three new sexual assault allegations against Kevin. Which make them a total of 6 investigations. The first report of sexual assault took place in Lambeth in 2008, another one also occurred in Lamberth in 2005. The third allegation occurred in Westminster in 2005. The three new allegations took place in Lambeth in 2008, Gloucester in 2013 and Westminster in 1996.

Effect on his career:

With numerous accusations against Kevin Spacey the actor was fired from the hit series like House of Cards. Robin Wright replaced Kevin spacey as the lead in House of Cards. With these accusations Kevin’s career made a u turn. He was fired from a two-time Globe winner and  tv series House of Cards.

The sexual assault allegations against Kevin Spacey
The sexual assault allegations against Kevin Spacey

1983–1984: anonymous 14-year-old boy

An anonymous man told New York magazine that in 1983, when he was 14 and Spacey was 24, he began a sexual relationship with Spacey that allegedly culminated in Spacey attempting to rape him.

The anonymous actor stated that his relationship with Spacey lasted about a year, during which time he became aware that “25-year-olds don’t have sex with 14- and 15-year-olds, that that’s wrong, that I was not the guilty party and I could leave.” He told New York that the relationship ended when he was 15, after Spacey allegedly attempted to rape him.

“Mr. Spacey absolutely denies the allegations,” a representative for Spacey told the magazine.

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